Leadership Excellence

The Annual Leadership Workshop 2016 was held over a full weekend this year, following a request from last year’s workshop.
The theme of the Workshop was Leadership Excellence at all Levels.
The Sodality Leadership was grouped according to their portfolios with colours that symbolised each portfolio.
Yellow-Chairpersons which indicates honour, loyalty and authority.
Blue-Secretaries, associated with stability and symbolises confidence, truth and reliability.
Red-Treasurers, the colour of fire, Danger and blood.
Green-Additional Members, It symbolizes Growth, Freshness, and Energy.
The objectives of the workshop was to deepen our spirituality especially during our Lenten journey, formation and educating on the meaning and roles of the different portfolios. And lastly its objectives was to create a team building atmosphere which should be carried out back to the deaneries and Parishes and to also exchange best practices and learn from one another.
Our Spiritual Director celebrated the opening Mass and again the Sunday Mass.
We played indoor and outdoor games which helped to make us aware of who and what we are in line with the principles of the Sodality. On the last day of the workshop we had a guest speaker, Mrs Nombuyiselo Nkosi, who motivated us all through group interaction around the Topic: Total Commitment in Truth and Mercy.
It was evident during the evaluation of the entire workshop that this programme needed to happen.
The Leadership of the Sodality appreciated every single aspect of the programme.
The highlight of the workshop was the team building games (both indoor and outdoor) which made the whole group loosen up. The games also made everyone embrace being part of the Sodality Leadership and they felt appreciated and recognised for all their hard work.
Outdoor mini sports games included an egg race, ball and water games.
The Yellow team emerged victorious on the day, contrary to popular belief by the Blue Team and others that this team of mostly elderly folk would be defeated in all the games...
The Yellow team disproved this and hoisted the winning 1st place trophy at the end.
Runners up were the Blue Team (Secretaries) in 2nd place and the Green Team won 3rd place….
The real winners on the day were “Team spirit”, fun and education.
The Red Team who were so gracious in their loss…..
The Child in all of us came to life and was once again let out to play. Many of the more elderly people praised the event as they were reminded of their youth!
This was truly EDUCATIONAL FUN!

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